Hydraulic Guillotin Shears Technical specifications:


Guillotin Shears with strong and robust frame consist of upper

andbottom cylinders constructed of casting and hard chromium shafts.

Eqipped with :

1- 18 plate holders which clamp the material to the table to avoid damage to avoid damage to the components being cut.

2- Nitrigen capsule to avoid knocking.

3- NC system with capability of streering the back gauge bar provided.

With inverter system in high and low speeds.

4- High capability of programming in Persian language.

5- Blade anti-deflection system to avoid burrs in the middle of plates

being cut.

6- Robust and heavy back gauge bar.

 Guillotin shears (3m * 6mm) Operating instruction

1- Turn the main key from 0 to 1,after some moments enter the code 160 and stroke ENTER. ON and OFF buttons are being appeared in dislay to start and stop the system.

Guillotin shears rotary panel specifications:

Some abbreviates , nomads and numbers are being seen with special definition as follows:

L : cutting length

N : cutting number

P : moveable clamp charge

C : finding and correcting the functions

ENTER : applying the functions

DELETE : eliminating the functions


These nomads are being used to move the back gauge bar with high and low speed toward the blade edge or to the reverse-ward, manually.


OPEN and CLOSE buttons are used to change the rack angle according to the plate thickness. For plates with a thickness less than 2 mm it should be open. Manual feelers have appropriate holes      (2-3-4-5-6). The more thick the plate , the more open the Feeler.

How to use L-N-P-C buttons

1-  L (cutting length function):

Stroking button L in rotary panel, cutting length can be entered through 0-9 buttons . Appearing the desired length on the upper right of rotary panel display , cutting pedal can be loaded.

Pedal different situation

By pedaling , the movable clamp moves Downward.

a) a) whenever the pedal is unloaded ,movable clamp will returned to the original state:

b) b) if pedaling continued ,cutting is complemented and movable clamp returns to the original state but the next order isn’t served. By unloading the pedal ,one cycle is subtracted from the total cutting cycles and gets the order again.

c) c) on the eventof power interruption or unloading the pedal, the movable clamp returns to original state thanks to gas movable clamp.

2-  N(number of plates function ,in serial cutting):

Stroking button N in rotary panel ,number of plates can be entered through buttons 0-9 if some faults were made ,it can be corrected by DELETE.

3-  P (oil charging function):

Stroking button P in rotary panel and entering code 161 ,charging is started and is continued till the related gauge reaches to 120 then by entering DELETE , system returns to the first state (cutting state).

4- C (correcting and position finding function):

Stroking button C in rotary panel ,back gauge bar moves toward the blade edge slowly ,touches its micro-switch after some oscillations and stops on a pre-defined distance 0f 20 mm.

If a fault was made in back gauge bar ,firstly check the direction of its movement.By actuating the micro-switch and stroking DELETE and C,it will stop and find pre-defined distance of 20 mm.

It is worth mentioning that by striking each of L-N-P-C ,the mere related function will be complemented and any other function will be suspended.

NOTE1- Never enter the back gauge bar distance les than 20 mm.

NOTE2- Never enter the back gauge bar distance additions less than 3 mm.

Dsscriptions of command circuit diagrams and related transpower, board and relays:

K1: Fixed panel rotary key

K2: Selector key

B1: Thermal relay of main drive motor

B2: Thermal relay of back gauge drive motor with low RPM

B3: Thermal relay of back gauge drive motor with high RPM

C1: Power contractor of C.W. back gauge drive motor

C2: Power contractor of  C.C.W. back gauge drive motor

C3: Power contractor of back gauge drive motor with high RPM

C4: Power contractor of back gauge drive motor with low RPM

C5: Power contractor of main pump motor

Guillotin shears (3m*6mm) command circuit:

From relay No. to coil C5 For starting the main drive motor (R5)

From relay No. to coil C4 and on the othe hand to coil C3 (R4)

From relay No. to coil C3 and on the other hand to coil C4 (R3)

From relay No. to coil C1 and on the other hand to coil C2 (R2)

From relay No. to coil C2 and on the other hand to coil C2 (R3)

From relay No. to electrical pressure valve winding

From relay No. to open rack angle valve (R4)

From relay No. to close rack angle valve (R3)

From relay No. to cutting valve (R2)

From relay No. to charging valve (R1)

Technical Table