Press brakes (folding press) Technical specifications:


Hydraulic press brake (folding press) in different tonnages and final mechanical fixer

1- Integral body construction

2- Stress-free

3- Integral boring

4- Integral plated cylinders hardened to 45 rackoel degree

5- Hard chromium plated pistons

6- O-ring and seals(made in Germany)

7- Valves (made in Italy)

8- 35 liters piston pumps

9- Four manual back gauges

10- NC electrical back gauge (upon request)


Starting and operating Instructions


Turn the main rotary key on position land push the start button.

2-supply two (440 liters) cans of hydraulic PARS BABAK 125 OIL or DARAFSH 68 OIL, 380 V & 25 A three phase power and cable 4*6 .

By pedaling, the machine starts and upper (movable) clamp moves downward in a “Free Fall” ….till touches the pressure switch and actuate it , after which moves more slowly under the control of pressure pump. Pressure is adjusted through a pursue pump depending on thickness of the plate. After complementing the operation steering valve is actuated and reverse movement of upper clamp is continued until touches the limit switch.

Ultimated pressure on barometers is 250 bars. Press Brakes have been equipped with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems which have been detailed in the following :


Mechanical system

Upper clamp balancing : parallelization of the stamp Two wishbones have been mounted on the shaft on the back of upper clamp which can be moved vertically and fasten in the balanced form.


Hydraulic system

1-  1- Fast downward clamp movement :

Fast down-ward clamp movement namely, ”Free Fall” is performed with adjusting the electrical pressure and actuating the suction and steering valves.

2- Controlled movement :

Reaching on the micro-switch, the required pressure is applied on the plate thereafter, reverse movement is carried out until reaching the stroke micro-switch and being made ready for the next cycle.

3- Upward clamp movement, stroke adjustment :

After folding the plate, pressure reaches on pursue switch limit and pursue switch actuates the steering valve to lift the upper clamp.

During reaching the related switch (stroke adjustment), open and close angle can be provided.

4- Adjustment and fixing the folding angle :

To this end ,two gearboxes mounted on two cylinders and associated coupling and shaft are being used. By shifting the related coupling to the back of the fixer, right hand of the machine is adjustable by open and close folding frames .Firstly right and left folding angle are balanced and then coupling is adjusted.

In this way you can eliminated the unbalancing. When the plate is very long its center has a smaller angle respected to the sides.

So called “open center” .To meet the problem,” open-center” should be gap filled .The feelers are mounted under the stamp.

Technical Table