December 24, 2016

تیرچه رول فرمیت

تیرچه های فلزی با جان باز و بدون جوش ذوالقدری با تایید مرکز تحقیقات راه و مسکن و شهرسازی ایران این محصول دارای گواهی ثبت اختراع []
December 24, 2016

Guillotin Shears

 Hydraulic Guillotin Shears Technical specifications:   Guillotin Shears with strong and robust frame consist of upper andbottom cylinders constructed of casting and hard chromium shafts. Eqipped []
December 24, 2016

Press Brakes

Press brakes (folding press) Technical specifications:   Hydraulic press brake (folding press) in different tonnages and final mechanical fixer 1- Integral body construction 2- Stress-free 3- []
December 23, 2016

Other Products

Zolghadri Machinery Manufacturing Company a wide variety of industrial machinery, Including Press Brakes, Guillotin shears, CNC and Traction presses, crane haslicense of production 1500 tones per []